Happiness starts with healthy, plant-based, home cooked meals.

Our goal is to provide our customers with healthy, nutritious, plant based, ready to serve, home cooked food.

Why spend time in the kitchen when you can do something you enjoy? Since we love cooking, let us cook for you!

Whether you are a student, a senior citizen, a professional, or a busy family, you will find delicious options on our menu.

We want you to fall in love with our food!

We currently deliver on the Island of Montreal. Pick-up available.



vegan plant based meals


Shop our selection of plant based main

courses, salads, soups, sauces, spreads and sweets.

Some items will change weekly for variety. 


Our team will now prepare your chosen meals so

you can spend more time doing what you love.


Orders made Wednesday through Saturday are delivered Tuesday.

Orders made Sunday through Tuesday are delivered Friday.

Delivery on the Island of Montreal, South Shore and Laval, 12 - 5 pm.

Minimum order for delivery $50 or more, depending on delivery address. (click here for map)

Delivery $5.

For pickups please allow 2 business days notice (Monday through Friday)


Enjoy your food at home, at work, at a potluck, bring it to a

get together or a party.

Follow instructions on how to reheat hot meals.


Veganthropist - composed of two words - "vegan" and "philanthropist" - it connects two things we care about: the desire to live a cruelty-free life and the desire to promote the welfare of others. 
Veganthropist describes us perfectly!  We want to provide you with healthy, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, locally made food that doesn't compromise on taste. 

Our business is founded on these three core values: family, compassion and community. 

Family - sharing meals at the dinner table provides the opportunity to spend time with those we love.

Compassion - cruelty-free food extends kindness to all living beings we share our planet with.

Community - staying close with our friends and neighbors by supporting local businesses and eating locally produced foods.

​Let us introduce our family!  Starting from the left, Amélie, an aspiring professional ballet dancer.  Maggie, a high school teacher whose passion is food, cooking and feeding others.  Robert, passionate about football and ... eating.  And finally, Tytus, a sales professional and the official 'taster' of every recipe that Maggie creates.

​For the past eleven years, our family has had the pleasure of sharing our lifestyle with those we know and care about.  Now, we are ready to share what we know with you, and what we know is delicious, healthy plant-based food.

We founded Veganthropist with one goal in mind: providing you with high-quality, ready-to-serve, plant-based food for everyone to see how delicious it is and how amazing it will make you feel. Each recipe we create is designed with taste and health in mind. 

Try it for yourself, you will not be disappointed!




Q: Is everything on your menu vegan?
A: Yes, everything on our menu is vegan.  We do not use any animal products at all. 

Q: Can the meals be frozen?
A: Many of our meals can be frozen.  Here is the list of those that are freezable: lasagnas, Shepherd’s pie, quiches, spaghetti pie, fried rice, chili, all the soups except for the chowder, primavera sauce, Bolognese sauce, cookies, energy balls.  Also, our gnocchi and fauxmon already come frozen.

Q: Do you have gluten free options?
A: Yes, we have many gluten free options.  All the dishes that are naturally gluten free are marked with a gluten free symbol.  In addition, we can make the lasagnas gluten free.  You can choose that option while ordering.

Q:Can I order the pasta in a whole wheat option?
A: Yes. Although the default option for all our pasta dishes is white pasta, you can choose the whole wheat option for all of the pasta dishes while ordering. You can also choose brown rice option for our vegetable fried rice.

Q: Can I get my order sooner than the specified time?
A: It is often possible to have your order delivered sooner than the time specified on our website. To inquire if that is possible please contact us via text, email, Messenger or our website chat option before ordering.

Q: Why should I choose to eat plant-based?
A: There are many benefits of eating a healthy, balanced, plant-based diet. Here are just a few of them:
1. It helps prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol and certain cancers.
2. It can help you feel more energetic and boost your immune system.
3. It is much better for our environment. Here are some basic facts: 91% of Amazon deforestation is caused by animal agriculture, 51% of all greenhouse emissions are caused by animal agriculture, it takes 1847 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef but only 197 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of cereal.
4. It can help reduce world hunger by freeing grains fed to animals in agriculture to feed humans.
5. Despite what many think, eating a plant-based diet is more economical and can save you money on your grocery bill.
6. Since a plant-based diet is generally lower in calorie density, it can help you lose weight.
7. It is better for the animals.